Every Two Years, a New Me

Hello everyone!

It’s been two years to the day since I last said I was “working” on this website. I was not. A common strategy would be to completely erase this site and everything on it, start over clean and professional. But I have a fondness for the fresh little college graduate I was four years ago, and so I’ll keep updating and renovating every couple of years and see what happens.

Since I’ve been dark, this has occurred:

  • I moved to Australia for about eight months, and found lots of friends and experiences and several wombats, but no long-term work or study opportunities.
  • I started working with Cutting Ball Theater and stage managed Mineola Twins.
  • I was on the stage management team for Bracebridge Dinner Theatre in Yosemite.
  • I got engaged.
  • I got single.
  • I tried my hand at stage managing corporate events. It was a success.
  • My delightful hardware store, Papenhausen, caught fire and is currently under rebuilding and renovation.

I’ve already added an updated resume here, but slowly I’ll add some production photos and try again at reorganizing the flow of this site. Until then, enjoy these rainbow lorikeets from Queensland. 100_1386


Working on the Web Presence

Hello all! I hope you had a warm and loving holiday season.

I took a much-needed break from updating the site while I settled back into my beautiful hometown.

What was I up to in these past 18 months, you ask?

  • being the stage manager and touring producer for SFYT’s production of In and Out of Shadows
  • getting a wonderful day job at Papenhausen Hardware, an independent gem in the West Portal neighborhood
  • subsequently learning how to fix my own toilet
  • being the stage manager for the most delightful Dhaya Lakshminarayanan, at Divafest’s production of her new one-woman show Nerd Nation
  • moved from my parent’s house to living on my own!
  • catching up on my non-theatre hobbies: knitting, watercolor painting, and fortune-telling

I will be working this winter on getting every aspect of my web presence up-to-date.

More to follow!

My directing reel is polished and finished and available for viewing by you, the viewer! This will be shown, along with the reels of my classmates and the final monologues of the acting class, at the Senior Tribute Night. This year Senior Tribute night is on May 1st, in the Arthur Miller Theatre.



The Nostalgia is Reel

April Snow Showers, Sunny Horizions

Photo on 4-15-14 at 12.30 PM

Good afternoon everyone! It’s snowing outside, to the chagrin of all. The smile is just for show.

Photos from my senior thesis The Play About the Baby, are up under the Galleries tab. The site is doing a little bit of renovation to make it easier to use and cut down on the drop-menus.

Graduation is approaching for me, so there is much buzz and excitement in the land. I’m glad I took this semester only part time, it’s given me plenty of time to adjust to making my own schedule as far as work and rehearsal is concerned. I also will be staying in Ann Arbor for the duration of the summer. I got a new job at the historic Michigan Theatre, which shows art films and hosts local music events. Everyone who works there is a gem. So now I have three part time jobs running at once!

I will also be assistant directing As You Like It, with Kate Mendeloff, for Shakespeare in the Arb.  It really is a shame that I never was able to play with this organization beforehand, a combination of poor choices and summer decisions. They seem to be a lovely tight knit family. Jeff Alder, one of my bosses at the Duderstadt Center, lent me his old copy of the play. He is an ardent fan of the comedies.

Photo on 4-15-14 at 12.31 PM

Yale Edition, 1919. It’s lovely, but I can’t make note in it.

I will also be teaching for the first time at the MPulse Theatre & Drama Academy in July. Two of my friends will be dorm counsellors, so we’ll be trading high schoolers all week. It seems so recently that I attended the Summer Theatre Institute in Lincoln Center, looking up at all of the cool college theatre kids, and now I am that cool grad! It’s strange, but there’s also an element of “I did it!” in there as well. I was on the crew for their final show case performance two years ago, and I’m really looking forward to filming, stage fighting, and counselling the thoughtful and interested kids who come into the program. It’s also important for me in the long run. I need to see if I can be a wise and effective teacher, and exactly how it varies from running a rehearsal room.

That’s the little update on me! Probobably the next thing up on the site will be my completed directing reel, so stay tuned!




In Between Shows: Playwrights Foundation

Edit: This was private for some time, and now it’s back!

Playwrights Foundation hosted a young theatre makers meet and greet during their last festival. There was a little bit of wine and coffee, and Kevin Becarra led us on a nice conversation through people’s experiences working, different degrees, people’s special disciplines, and what we could make theatre look like when current 19-year olds run the theatre universe. It was held in The Thick House theatre in Portero Hill, so I stopped by the next night to go to Playwrights Festival staged reading of Tea Party. It was fabulously run and directed. As a student, my experience of staged reading had been spotty and half-heartedly executed. This was a stunner in comparison, it was all a new playwright could ask. Great talent, thoughtful design, and excellently spoken to an understanding audience. These were my people. My new work people. A door was opened up for me.

As soon as I heard they would host unpaid labor I was there. It was my second time working for a professional theatre in the Bay, but the longest stint and the most regular. I was joined by a group of incredibly talented interns, who added our efforts to the Artistic Director Amy Mueller (who I later heard described as the “queen of new work”), Erin Merrit (who had offered her help in the office and then was suddenly producing the festival) and the bubbly and chic Megan (marketer extraordinare). Each of us was going to be a production assistant on one of the six shows in that summer’s festival.

Regina Fields, Sowmya Asshokumar, Hilary Bray, Me, David Oehler, Nicho Yeung

Regina Fields, Sowmya Ashokkumar, Hilary Bray, Me, David Oehler, Nicho Yeung

So while I was there I sat in on casting calls, wrote many carefully worded emails very slowly, managed some scheduling, got some contacts, did a bit of flyering and donation handling, lifted some heavy things, sat in on two different shows in rehearsal, was invited to speak the stage directions for one, took obsessive blocking notes on the other, and saw some talented people work. So it wasn’t all glory and gold, but I got some tools and contacts out of it, and that’s what I was after.

Definitely the best experience was the one I almost missed. Each summer Playwrights Foundation hosts a retreat.  The attendees are: staff (that’s me!), directors, dramaturgs, designers and playwrights. This year we hosted it at a Buddhist retreat center in the middle of the Shasta mountains, cafeteria style vegetarian food and camp fires every night. During the day, each playwright read their own plays.

I mentioned that I was the production assistant for one show and read the stage directions for the other. That put me in rehearsal every single night, with a two-fer on Saturdays. I was lucky enough to read the directions for Hannah and the Dread Gazebo. Whose director totally took me under his wing. I was also was the PA for FSM,  a new musical by Mime Troupe veteran Joan Holden. The difference between listening to the two playwrights and directors work could fill another huge post.

Parity: between the actors, directors, dramaturgs, technicians, and staff, Playwrights Foundation had more than gender parity, with women in the lead by about five. In a performing art industry where writers and directors are still mostly men writing men, this was a great atmosphere to work in and a great sign for the future.  Just thought I should mention.

The festival itself went wonderfully. The company ended up making some money. There were six or seven glorious events filled with other artists, and four or five nights in a silly drunken stupor, high on cocktails and acting. It wasn’t all gold and glory, but it was pretty damn close.


Brady Morales-Woolery and Remi Sandry in FSM


Lily Tung-Crystal in Hannah and the Dread Gazebo

2013-07-18 13.32.48

Erin Merrit, Marissa Keltie, Pat Bernstien, Remi Sandri et al in FSM

2013-07-17 21.26.23-2

Graham Smith, Nicho Yiu Ku Yeung, Jihae Park and Joy Brooke Fairfeild. Director, PA, playwright and dramaturg of Hannah and the Dread Gazebo


Graham, Nicho and I in rehearsal for Hannah

Anyway, that’s just what I did for the months of May-June. I’m back in school now, it’s October and Michigan is putting on it’s brightest show for people in sweaters. I’m not directing a project until February, but I’m by no means idle. Check back to the blog again for another post on my goings-on.

Mickey’s back in action!

An amazing short preview of Arcadia, made by Mike McCrindle.

APRIL 19th – 8pm
APRIL 20th – 8pm
APRIL 21st – 2pm
$5 General, $3 with student ID

More information is on our FB Event page and Upcoming Work. Come see all these talented folks!

Elliot Cruz – Kate Berg – Caitlin Chou – Joe McDonald – Matthew Flickinger – Jordan Fricks – Danielle Boivin – Zachary Thompson – Alex Madda – Jackson Knight Pierce – Ryan Widner – Chad Rhiness

Michaela Byrne – Mitch Schenider – Sam Oliver – Lizzie Williams – Sarah Frank – Danielle Kyser – Emma Geb – Becca Kephart – Ariel Sobel – Skye Payne – Mike McCrindle – Andrew Hintzen

Arcadia Promotion Video