Things About Writing

From “Elegance of the Hedgehog.”

Hello everyone! How are you?

I just wanted to introduce you all to the wellspring of my recent creativity: 750Words. You know those writing exercises that encourage you to write three pages a day? This is a simple way of doing it online – I know for a fact I’m much faster with a keyboard, and much more likely to reread things I write in text format. 750 Words also has a bunch of fun widgets it calculates for you when you’re done with the day’s writing, the most helpful being series of tiny adorable “merit badges” for long writing streaks or certain traits like speed or night-owlishness. (I’m looking forward to getting the Undistractable Hamster in four days.) It also isn’t a public networking site in any sense, so all of your words and thoughts are private as can be. I’ve been using the site for four months now and have never been more encouraged to write write write, every day and all the time.

Also, I have added another poem to my poem collection, called Time Flies Like Fruit. Go check it out!