Being A Local

Happy Olympic Opening, everyone. Bond and the Queens have been all over my screens. The family’s always been a huge fan of the international quadrennial. Australians have this innate grasp on sports that Americans (despite our bravado) couldn’t understand.

But this is a site about me, not about the Olympics, and I have news relating to me! And FOREST KNOLLS. I live in this oft-overlooked neighborhood of San Francisco, and a couple of weeks ago snapped a little picture at an intersection, and waxed poetical about it. (not this picture in the post) It was mostly about weather and science and sentimentality, but never-the-less, people seemed to like it. And now those words that I wrote are the newest post on our neighborhood blog Forest So go check it out! Find an estate sale. Marvel at the tiny forest village that is nestled in the big city. Keep your eye out for Bruno, the tiny runaway western terrier.

I wish you a pleasant time unearthing your neighborhood pride and national pride, as well exploring your genealogy during this triple X-rated Olympic season!


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