Back to School

It’s Friday! Horray!

I’m just wrapping up my first week of school and feeling so great about my lovely University of Michigan. I have two adorable roommates, two comfy beds, a boyfriend who makes me coffee in bed, and lots of creative friends who are excited to do projects. I also am applying for my first on-campus job that might actually help me be creative – a technician in our really cool Duderstadt Video Studio. Add that to the fact that I’m reading a ton of plays. At least five a week for various classes (Shakespeare, American Drama, Directing) and of all styles. This is so good for me, because while I was a superstar at seeing shows this past summer, I didn’t plow ahead and read scripts for cool new projects. I’m also brushing up some monologues for the slew of auditions that herald in a new year at the School of Music, Theatre and Dance. (Honestly, it’s more like the school of MUSIC… THEATRE and … dance?)

In any case, I’ll make sure to keep this website filled with wonderful doings, because I’m so ready to do some wonderful things.

Go Blue!


2 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. We want to come visit and see you perform (and a football game) so let us know if you get cast/ direct anything. Block M is for Michaela!

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