Proof in Progress

Just spent a productive few hours with my SM scouting furniture and set dressing at various Ann Arbor locations.

The ReUse Center was particularly wonderful, loaning us window frames, potted plants, and pillows in exchange for a popularity plug in the program. It actuall an amazing place to get cheap hardware materials. There were around fifty doors to chose from, as well as lighting fixtures, toilets and rocking chairs that made me excited for my next realistic production.

And of course, Ann Arbor PTO store is filled with cheap knicknacks, string and curtains.

I’m also trying to keep track of all the places people can find out information about Proof. This most recent one is from

This next one is from, and they are doing a featured preview about Proof on Wednesday. (Which, of course, will be on the blog as soon as it happens.)

Click on the pictures for links to these sites!


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