I Blinked, and then Proof Was Done

University of Michigan has a Fall Study Break. It started Saturday. Lots of people pop off to places for the weekend and have a good time, but I’m just relaxing in Ann Arbor. I’m taking a break from doing a paper right now, and examining the fact that my life is now normal and Proof-free. The show was a lovely experience and went too fast. Would the end product have been better if we had longer to work on it? Absolutely. But something about the fast and furious pace of the rehearsal process injected a frenzied creative spree in all of us, cast and crew, and that was a powerful experience as well. Theatre people talk a lot about the ephemeral nature of the things we produce, but no amount of talk really grabs your attention with the same strength of  building something and the tearing it down. Maybe I understand Buddhist sand paintings better now, maybe I’m talking nonsense. In either way, I’m carrying on with my life, one more amazing experience behind me.

Right now I’m spending more time on my studies, which include ASMing the University’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, directed by the head of my department, Malcolm Tulip.

Also, right now, the weather is unbelievably beautiful. Have a lovely autumn everyone!

Michaela in the Reference Room, Hatcher Graduate Library


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