Branching Out

Hey look! There’s a new layout for the website! Lavender is my favorite color, and I think this layout is kinder on the eyes. But I do miss Tim and Amiee making out on every page.

The Heirophant, three of cups, and the Queen of wands. Looks like a big day for thinking and celebrating!

The Heirophant, three of cups, and the Queen of wands. Looks like a big day for thinking and celebrating!

This semester, instead of starting, exploded. Here’s a little taste of what I’ve been working on.

  • Of course, the lovely producers at the helm of Rude Mechanicals and I are chit chatting all the time about the work we have this next semester. I’m in the process of assembling my design team. Seeing how call the half-dozen people who want to help, can. I even have a dramaturg! Who knew other people actually liked Arcadia?
  • My classes are varied and difficult and go until way too late in the evening. (The average time I get out of class is 5pm and two days I start at 8:30.) And this was after the most stressful scheduling.
  • I’ve got a brand new Directing professor until Malcolm comes back from doing a production in Philidelphia. That’s what the pictures of Tarot cards are for, up there. Each of us were asked to do a three minute performance based on … our innermost self? It was a little vague. The performances were really stirring though, and I think there were tears. My contribution was all based on random tarot cards I drew out.
  • I’m just starting a new job at a local chocolate store. It has a definite mom-n-pop feel. I think I might be the oldest shop girl, which is giving me mixed emotions. But the proprietors are all very friendly and the wage is negotiable, so
    I’ll see how it goes. If I like it, I might spend part of my summer lease in Ann Arbor. (again, I love it here in the summer)
  • I just bought, as part of my lab fees, a really really good hand-held recorder-microphone. Like, professional quality good. It’s an H2n Zoom, if that means anything to anybody. We’re also getting some interesting sound editing software called Hindenburg. This Hidenburg never, ever crashes. It’s all for a class I’m taking through the art school called Sound and Story, where we learn about writing and creating podcast and radio style pieces using the human voice. It’s also hosted in collaboration with a high school in Brighton, Detroit, which will be the first time I head out and really spend some time in the Motor City since I’ve started at U of M.
  • I’m also working on refining some photo-editing skills in GIMP, a free software that’s pretty damn good.

GIMP. It’s pretty damn good.

Back when I was going through a major funk,  Mike started giving me these like … little challenges so I wouldn’t be so moody and miserable all the time. One of them was to learn how to master GIMP, something I had never even dipped my toe in before. It’s been pretty useful so far, especially for designing things like this:

Arcadia Audition Flyers

Arcadia Audition Flyers


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