April Snow Showers, Sunny Horizions

Photo on 4-15-14 at 12.30 PM

Good afternoon everyone! It’s snowing outside, to the chagrin of all. The smile is just for show.

Photos from my senior thesis The Play About the Baby, are up under the Galleries tab. The site is doing a little bit of renovation to make it easier to use and cut down on the drop-menus.

Graduation is approaching for me, so there is much buzz and excitement in the land. I’m glad I took this semester only part time, it’s given me plenty of time to adjust to making my own schedule as far as work and rehearsal is concerned. I also will be staying in Ann Arbor for the duration of the summer. I got a new job at the historic Michigan Theatre, which shows art films and hosts local music events. Everyone who works there is a gem. So now I have three part time jobs running at once!

I will also be assistant directing As You Like It, with Kate Mendeloff, for Shakespeare in the Arb.  It really is a shame that I never was able to play with this organization beforehand, a combination of poor choices and summer decisions. They seem to be a lovely tight knit family. Jeff Alder, one of my bosses at the Duderstadt Center, lent me his old copy of the play. He is an ardent fan of the comedies.

Photo on 4-15-14 at 12.31 PM

Yale Edition, 1919. It’s lovely, but I can’t make note in it.

I will also be teaching for the first time at the MPulse Theatre & Drama Academy in July. Two of my friends will be dorm counsellors, so we’ll be trading high schoolers all week. It seems so recently that I attended the Summer Theatre Institute in Lincoln Center, looking up at all of the cool college theatre kids, and now I am that cool grad! It’s strange, but there’s also an element of “I did it!” in there as well. I was on the crew for their final show case performance two years ago, and I’m really looking forward to filming, stage fighting, and counselling the thoughtful and interested kids who come into the program. It’s also important for me in the long run. I need to see if I can be a wise and effective teacher, and exactly how it varies from running a rehearsal room.

That’s the little update on me! Probobably the next thing up on the site will be my completed directing reel, so stay tuned!





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